Use the information and the tools below to gather the evidence and build the case around workplace violence.

Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Responsibilities – A primer of the tasks a JHSC is responsible for and the steps to reporting.

ONA Violence Data Form for JHSC members – For every incident, please fill out this form and give it to your Bargaining Unit President. ONA can only demonstrate the problem if we know about it.

Get the Evidence to Support Enforcement and Appeals – Use this form to collect the evidence to support enforcement and appeals issues.

Hazards/Concerns Recommendations to Employer (Sample) – Use this form to document and provide details to your employer regarding workplace violence.

Photo release form and cover letter – Photographs and videos can be useful tools to collect evidence of workplace violence. If our members are involved, we need to obtain permission to use their image in various venues. Complete the form which will provide authorization to ONA to use the photo or video images in a variety of ways.

Security Guard Checklist – Complete this checklist to determine if security is adequate in your workplace.