Report it.
Recognize Violence.
Unsafe workplaces hurt patients, too

The Endless List Of Workplace Violence Incidents That Are Happening In Ontario Health Care Settings Is Nothing Less Than Horrifying.

Workplace violence happens every day. On every shift. In all health care settings: hospitals, long-term care facilities, in the community. Registered nurses and other health care professionals face precarious and dangerous situations on the job each day.

Many health care professionals say that being pushed or spat on or kicked is part of the job. The Ontario Nurses’ Association is here to say that workplace violence should NOT be part of our job.

The Ontario Nurses’ Association aims to eliminate workplace violence. When you’re not safe, neither are your patients, clients and residents. We are here to help. We are here to take action. We need your stories. We may use them — and the information from your bargaining unit leaders — to protect you from violence at work.